MonkeySports Farmingdale

213 Airport Plaza Blvd, Suite 22
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Store Hours

Monday – Friday: 11am – 7pm
Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm
Giana LogiudiceGiana Logiudice
16:04 31 Aug 23
Very nice store, organized, lots of options, and John helped me find everything I needed. Definitely will be coming back!
Mary CreenMary Creen
23:33 25 Aug 23
CJ was absolutely amazing and patient with us. He helped my husband and I navigate through all the equipment needed for our beginner ice hockey player! He sized him up perfectly and spent the time to explain everything to us! Definitely an asset to MonketSports! Thank you!
Donna SalernoDonna Salerno
17:50 24 Aug 23
Best customer service ever. Ryan was patient and so helpful. We will be back.
Jason KreinerJason Kreiner
19:42 05 Aug 23
15:39 05 Aug 23
Awesome store great prices will comeback
Kris LindkvistKris Lindkvist
20:09 31 Jul 23
The store is very limited. I give it one year before they go out of business
Justina GonzalezJustina Gonzalez
14:58 26 Jul 23
Alex went above and beyond in helping us through the process with Easton. Our replacement bat is on the way! He communicated with Easton, followed up with us, first-rate customer service! We already bought another bat from monkeysports. They have a continued customer in us and we have shared our experience with friends. Thank you, Alex, and monkeysports!
19:56 23 Jul 23
Found a batting tee and net, softball and batting gloves, and cleats mid/end season. Joined their rewards program (in it's infancy) all in one shot. Thanks to the 4 gentlemen behind the counter who also broke in my daughter's glove as we waited. I think I have a new go to for sports equipment!!
Dan ScorzelliDan Scorzelli
15:52 30 Jun 23
Stop by the store for some new skates and to check out the sideline swap experience. Sean and John helped me with some new goalie skates and Brendan help with the trade in from sideline swap. What an awesome idea it is for the two companies to collaborate. ?? To monkey sports store in farmingdale.
Jack SukielJack Sukiel
00:38 10 May 23
Highly recommend! Ryan was so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Plus, the stores selection was great. I will definitely be going back soon.
Mike IzzyMike Izzy
20:02 07 Apr 23
knew about the hype about this place prior to its opening from its online hockey presence and have already been three different times since it’s opening. always far more reliable than the other sporting goods stores in the area and always has great gear for adults and children in stock. big ups to CJ for patiently assisting me and my boys while we tried on three different pairs of skates and doing a great job baking and sharpening blades for us. will be back again, no doubt.
Ethan LangerEthan Langer
14:02 01 Apr 23
I went to Monkey Sports to purchase new skates and the staff made the experience well above other sports stores. One of the sales representatives, Max, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when getting me into a new pair of skates (he was also knowledgeable about a lot of the other hockey equipment). When I ran into a minor issue with one of my purchases, Alex, the store manager, went above and beyond to make it right and ensure I was happy. Not only is their selection enormous, but they have phenomenal staff to make the sport equipment shopping experience top notch. Thank you!
Ryan McsweeneyRyan Mcsweeney
21:20 27 Mar 23
Beautiful Store and exceptional customer service. Store associate CJ, helped me find the best hockey skates for my size and playing level. CJ help greatly. Thank you MonkeySports®️and CJ, will be shopping here often and recommend it to all.
Ray CRay C
01:30 18 Mar 23
We to Monkey Sports forcthe first time. Store is laid out nicely with ample space between the displays. The sales associates were very helpful but I left there disappointed. I was shopping for a baseball glove and turf shoes for my grandson. He is left handed and the selection of left handed gloves was sparce and we could not find one in his size. They did not have any turf shoes in his size. After traveling almost an hour to get there, we left empty handed.
sick cyclessick cycles
17:53 07 Nov 22
Absolutely amazing store, staff and manager. There was a slight misunderstanding made with an in-store order that was shipped to my home. Unfortunately I had to make the 45 min drive back to the store to do the return/exchange. When I called with the issue, the manager apologized for the error right off the bat and promised to take care of me when I came in. The store manager ( Alex ) kept his word 100% and made up for it and then some. This is how you keep customers happy and returning to your place of business. The store was beautiful, completely filled with product and the staff was very pleasant as well. Good luck in your new location. I will be back and I will spread the word about your new store !!
Chris SchebenChris Scheben
14:46 28 Oct 22
This place is fantastic and I can't recommend it enough for those in need of hockey gear! They have a huge selection of everything you might need, and the staff is not overly salesy/pushy.I had a bad experience with another major hockey store where they put me in skates that didn't fit properly. I came into MonkeySports, explained the issue, and they helped me get into a properly fitting pair of skates that fit my needs perfectly. I took one lap in warm-ups and knew they hooked it up perfectly.10/10, will be shopping here again!
Paul AugelloPaul Augello
00:08 30 Sep 22
Brian and Alex were extremely helpful. Tried on about 8 different pairs of skates before I settled on the Bauer Vapor Hyperlites, which was their 1st recommendation. They fit great and they were heat molded to provide an even better fit. Recommendations were also spot on for shin guards and shoulder pads. Real helpful and real friendly taking their time with an old stocky guy still trying to play some ice. Great store with a great selection of equipment.
Mike TMike T
18:39 28 Sep 22
Ive been to the store twice so far and had great experience both times. The assistant manager Brian was fantastic on the first trip. Talked about goalie stuff with me and my 15 year old goalie. He spent about an hour with us until my son decided on a new Warrior Ritual M2 Pro+ stick. On the second trip the store manager Alex was extremely helpful and took the time to educate me on the store and manufacturer return policies. I will definitely be back and encourage all to shop this store.
Bobby TBobby T
14:48 10 Sep 22
Very pleased with MonkeySports. The store is farther from our house than Pure Hockey but 100% our new go to sports store. Worth the drive. Josh helped my son with new ice hockey skates. He was very knowledgeable and had a lot of helpful hints on proper lacing and ice hockey in general. For a young guy, he was very professional and great with my son. He had skates baked and sharpened and my son just got off the ice this morning feeling great. Picked up a new baseball bat/ helmet as well. Love that it caters to multiple sports. We will be back!! Thanks Josh! Finally got my boy ice skates that fit and are comfortable. Highly recommend MonkeySports!!
Alex WeinsteinAlex Weinstein
20:20 25 Jul 22
Had a great experience here the other day. Everyone was friendly and had answers for all my questions. The manager was even very helpful. I’m so happy this store opened up by me. I recommend anyone who needs sports equipment to come here.

Services At This Store

MonkeySports Skate Sharpening

Skate Sharpening & Repair

Sharpen, repair, swap holders, replace rivets and provide maintenance.

MonkeySports 3D Skate Fitting

3D Skate Fitting

Skate fitting tech from major brands to pick up every detail of your foot and make recommendations.

MonkeySports Bauer Shooting Lane

Bauer Shooting Lane

The app and shooting lane take height, weight and shooting style to provide proper recommendations.

MonkeySports Custom Profiling

ProSharp Skate Profiling

Maximize agility, speed or stability. A profile can be added to enhance your style of play.

MonkeySports Glove Repair & Steaming

Glove Repair & Steaming

Full glove break in service in our glove steamer and break in stations.

MonkeySports Lacrosse Head Stringing

Lacrosse Head Stringing

Fully stocked with latest mesh and stringing accessories to provide your exact match.

MonkeySports Hockey Stick Fitter

Hockey Stick Fitter

New stick fitting technologies which amplify the testing and demo experience for our customers.

MonkeySports Lettering & Numbering

Lettering & Numbering

This service is a quick and cost effective method for personalizing jerseys for all sports.

MonkeySports Team Sales

Team Sales

Team Sales Representatives on site who can assist your team or organization with anything you could want!

About MonkeySports in Farmingdale, NY

MonkeySports launched its premier Superstore in Farmingdale, NY, in July 2022. Specializing in Hockey, Baseball/Softball, and Lacrosse equipment, MonkeySports also offers a unique shopping experience, with Pro-Sharp Custom Radius skate sharpening and Bauer Shooting Lane to ensure players know what they are buying. Customized gear is also a specialty of MonkeySports, where players can get Baseball gloves steamed, lacrosse heads restrung, or take a shot in the Bauer shooting lane. Cutting-edge skate scans ensure your skate fits your unique foot, and staff that is specifically trained in the latest baseball bat technology to fit your swing. Whether your team needs new jerseys, or you just want the latest bat or stick, MonkeySports will show you why they are the leader in specialty sporting goods retail.

MonkeySports Farmingdale Services

As you can see from the list of services we offer, MonkeySports is more than your typical big box sporting goods retailer. We’re experts in each of the sports we specialize in and we are familiar with what it takes for every athlete to get the most out of their equipment.

3D Skate Fitting/3D Foot Scanning

Within all of our MonkeySports locations, we have the latest skate fitting technology from our major brands. 3D skate fitting and foot scanning is valuable to our customers in which they can figure out which stock skate works best for their specific needs and even make recommendations and showcase how skates would fit on the feet if they are smaller or larger. This scanner will pick up every small detail of the foot and the technology of the skate recommender works great! There are different versions that can be done where the customer is either standing or sitting and the scanner is either moved around their feet or captured while standing in the scanner itself. Customers can also get these foot scans done to figure out which custom skate would work best for their individual needs to make sure when they are on the ice, they are skating to their best potential.

Bauer Shooting Lane

MonkeySports understands the importance of today’s hockey player and their ultimate weapon of Building on Bauer’s Game Fit Technology, MonkeySports is proud to be a Certified Game Fit Center and provide our customers with Bauer’s newest Shooting Lane. This free-standing lane has shooting tiles, backing tarps and side nets to help guide our customer to hit the target inside the lane. While there is no actual net to hit, Bauer’s shooting lane gives the customer the best experience to test Bauer sticks in conjunction with the Game Fit StickApp. The app and shooting lane are designed to take the customer’s height, weight and personal shooting style and provide the proper stick flex and curve. This shooting lane is designed for all ages, levels and styles of play. For the best experience with the Bauer Shooting Lane, customers are recommended to use this while under the supervision of a MonkeySports employee.

ProSharp Skate Profiling

At MonkeySports, we take care of your edges to ensure you are getting maximum performance on the ice. In our locations ProSharp machines are available in our shop to not only sharpen your skates but also add the proper profile to your skates. All steel comes with a stock radius but our MonkeySports Employees can recommend another profile from the ProSharp machine based on your skating preference. Whether you need to maximize agility, speed or stability, there is a ProSharp Profile that can be added to your steel to enhance your style of play. Adding a profile to your steel is recommended to be done when the steel is brand new, so the profiles will match precisely. It only takes about 10 minutes for your steel to be profiled and they can be sharpened directly on the ProSharp or done by a MonkeySports employee on our BladeMaster machine.

Skate Sharpening & Repair

For all hockey players, it is essential to get your blades sharpened and our MonkeySports location can take care of your skates to keep you on the ice. We use the best products available to sharpen, repair, swap holders, replace rivets and provide maintenance needed for our customers. Specifically in Roller Hockey markets, our stores will also handle swapping holders and can convert your ice skates with a chassis to house roller wheels.

On top of this skate service, most locations can provide sewing and maintenance to player gloves, goalie gear, lacrosse heads or baseball gloves. While some services vary by location, it is best to contact your local MonkeySports store to speak with an employee who handles these repairs and schedule it before you arrive.

Services: Skate Sharpening, Skate Heat Fitting, Boot Stretching, Holder Mount with Drilling, Holder Mount without Drilling, Replace Copper Rivet, Replace Steel Rivet, Replace Eyelet.

*Call for details.

Jersey Lettering & Numbering

Furthering our team mentality, MonkeySports offers on-site heat press jersey lettering and numbering. Perfect for practice jerseys or pinneys, this service is a quick and cost effective method for personalizing jerseys for all sports. Tackle twill and sublimation are also available via our Team Sales Department.

Services: Single Color Heat Press Name (Back), Single Color Heat Press Number (Back), Single Color Heat Press Name & Number (Back), Single Color Heat Press Sleeve Number, Single Color Heat Press Name (Front).

*Call for details.

Glove Steaming & Repair

For baseball and softball players, their glove can be so preferential and beloved that they don’t want to give it up! We understand that love and connection, so we offer full relacing, repair, and restringing to ensure their glove stays broken in but isn’t coming apart! If that beloved glove needs to be replaced and the new glove needs to be broken in, we offer full break-in services in our glove steamers and break-in stations to ensure that the glove has started to break in to the customer’s liking.

Services: Glove Steaming, Glove Relacing for Entire Glove, Glove Relacing for Full Pocket, Glove Relacing for Partial Pocket, Glove Relacing for Fingers.

*Call for details.

Lacrosse Head Stringing

With the specificity and preferences of all lacrosse players, all of our MonkeySports stores are fully stocked with todays latest and greatest mesh and stringing accessories to provide the exact style our customers are looking for. We provide all styles of mesh, sidewall, shooters and crosslace from ECD, Stringking and Jimalax to ensure you have the color, performance and style for any level or climate our customers play in.

Note: The service fees listed below do not include the price of materials (mesh, string, lace, etc.) for restringing; all materials are sold separately.

Services: Traditional Lacrosse Head Restringing, Standard Lacrosse Head Restringing, Goalie Lacrosse Head Restringing, Sidewall Restringing.

*Call for details.

Hockey Stick Fitter (Bauer & CCM Only)

Come to the store and test the latest and greatest sticks, get professionally fitted, and see what stick matches your style.

Team Sales Representatives

We have Team Sales Representatives on site who can assist your team or entire organization with anything and everything your team could want! They are able to work with all baseball, softball, lacrosse and hockey teams to provide you with your team colors, logos and gear for the season!